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I was introduced to zines from Style Rookie and sister "online magazine" Rookie (defuct since 2018). This was my shit from 2010-2014. It felt like getting info from a cool older cousin who knew all the cool bands or where the best thrift stores were. From there I begged my mum for a book reccomended on Rookie, The Riot Grrrl Collection by Lisa Darms. It was my fav christmas present that year.

Growing up on the fringe of scum in Southern England meant the space for feminist discourse was liminted, we were too busy working cash in hand and I was trying to get a free ticket out to uni. This archieve of zines showed me that I was not alone in feeling like this. Poor, pissed off and full of wasted potential. These were common enough that women have been writing about it for 20 years! (the 90s were only 20 years ago at that point, lol). Feminist discourse is obvously much older then 80s-90s zine culture, but it focused on a particular ansgt agasint the have it all motto women have been fed since the 70s.

I have been hooked ever since. The oppertunity to just make! No one to say no, we wont publish this... because it was already done. A piece of A4 and some markers and it was done. Magical. I make zines online now. When I have disposable income, I buy some from etsy/indipendant presses. Will hopefully add some reviews or reccomendations coz word of mouth is all part of it!

Thought Crimes

Rock of Love


Online Dolls