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If I was a better organised person, I would have classfied these, but I did not, so...sorry.

Website Notes
CSS and HTML Cheatsheets Very useful tool for quick refrence
Coolors Great free palette generator. Really fun to play around with and can generate a palette from an image. I used this to pull the colour scheme from my header.
Eggramen Resources Great set of premade templates, just seems like a cool person for having all this stuff up for free, very cool.
digital wellbeing Very cosy site with a comprehensive guide on how to reassess your relationship with social media.
Koshka's Kingdom They have a some really great pages on autism. Very helpful while coming to terms with my 'tisms
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Text Game Made for the 30th anniversary. Very hard and annoying, but fun, especially if you are a fan of the series.
Short Trip Very cute browser game. You are a tram driver and have to get all you cat passengers to their locations. 10/10 time waster.
Quarantine Zine Club A collection of zines made during the pandemic of 2020-2022? Love indie publishing, and what a great way to archive the exsperience of a global pandemic.
Remove Free tool to remove backgrounds from images
Electric Zine Maker Great little piece of software to make zines! Also has html to showcase your zine on your site! Super cool.
Randoma11y Generates 2 tone colour schemes. Can even use the 2 colours generated here, and then create the rest of the palette in Coolors!
Redactle Game where you have a wikipedia article, but with all the words redacted. Guess the article in as few guesses as possiable. I am very bad at this, but it is fun. New one every day.
Typelit Practise typing while reading literature, whats not to love! Did anyone else have those typing games from the late 90s-early 00s? I had a Lion King one that was lit.
Sadgrl's Layout Builder Nifty and quick layout builder from Sadgrl. Very useful if you just want to get going with screaming into the void!