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Big thanks to these sites and their webmasters! We wouldn't be here today without ya!

Website Notes
W3 Schools I used one of their templates for the sidebar and have learnt all HTML and CSS from them so far. I first heard about neocities and the personal internet revolution from sadgrl and just think her work is the damn coolest.
Glitter-Graphics I remember this site from the Bebo days, I am old. Suprised to see it still active and a great source for dividers!
GifCities Collection of Geocities era gifs and graphics. Very fun to have a rumage through. Cute cows.
Neocities They very awesomely allow us all to host on this site, and the tutorial with the little cat is kinda the cutest
Internet Bumper Stickers Cute banners to pop on your site, some are a bit cringe, but that is the charm.
RevolverMap Bit of script to show where your visiters are from
RV's free Javascript/DHTML effects Free JS bits for your website.
Repth's Layouts Have some very cute layouts, thinking of using the pink lacy one for my next zine. Very awesome of them to have this stuff up for everyone!
Glow Txt Make super cute headers for your site, or just relive the joy of playing with WordArt.
Cool Text Generator Similiar to above, who doesn't like more choices though?