Thought Crimes

By GroovyRadFem

Free Speech

Conversations about free speech on the internet usually end with unhinged strawmen or creeps defending their right to their creepy pedo shit. Capitalist ideas of the "free market place of ideas", and post modern ideas of "no fixed truth" has made it so we actually have to entertain the most unhinged shit.

For example, look at the dog shit takes from Vaush on lowering the age of consent. Yes he is "allowed" to say it, but there are consequences to going mask off pedo. It is not censorship for people to laugh at you and your nutter takes. Lets laugh at more of this losers.

Elon Musk trying to buy twitter to "protect" free speech. I am still reeling from the fact that this man has enough money to make his mid-life crisis everyone elses problem. However, a corperation is not responsable for free speech. That is your government. Is Musk going to liberate the North Korean's with twitter accounts? Probably not. Countries that want to curb free speech already have blocked social media sites or made their own puppets. Also the corp is within their rights to terminate your account whenever they want. We all agreed to the terms of service. That can be another issue, but no one is entitled to a platform on social media. Social media is not yet a human right. Access to the internet should be, but access to a twitter account doesn't affect your humanity. Also twitter is cancer, leave now and make a static site.

Anonymity used to be such an important part of the web. Not just so you could be mean as hell, but so you could explore ideas without people in your life being bale to track your online travels. Now anonymity is an anime profile pic telling you to kill yourself if you do a wrong think. Nona, I am so tired. I choose to try and remain anomymous because I am afraid of my thought crimes but I know there are others out there with the same crimes. Big Brother is watching y'all, but we'll stay strong.