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We used to climb uphill both ways to find our vintage clothes, and then we got laughed at. Now everyone is wearing thrift, and calling it aesthetic. Every odd thing we used to do has now got a fandom, and become another capitalist hell-scape. Is it vindication? The frog/horse/anime/goth girls rising up and reclaiming our cringe? Yes, and while theses communities have always had an uniform, it has become something you can buy. You can buy your authentic self and have it delivered next day via Amazon.

This zine will try to examine how we got here. I have used the Fandom Wiki for Aesthetics because it throughly covers these "trends", and also the infighting is quite funny. This zine is not to ridicule these young people. We were all cringy weirdos trying to figure out shit. I was an emo circa 2008, a subculture defined by its coorperate pandering and loathed by proper punks and goths. Every generation's youth will be targeted by the capitalist gouls, we need to be mindful of how.